Facebook Q&A with Ansela Corsino

I will answer your questions about online serial fiction writing and publishing

On March 29 (11am to 11pm Manila Time), I’ll be holding a Question & Answer session on Facebook on the topic of Writing and Publishing Serialized Fiction. It will be hosted/moderated by my friend and author Mina V. Esguerra. Attendees may ask relevant questions, and even share their experiences during the discussion. Please note that I write only in English, so this forum will be conducted in English and may only be applicable to writers in that language. Writers and authors of all genres are welcome.

Preliminary Questions (and the Answers)

  1. Q. What is serial fiction?
    A. Serial fiction is stories (novels, novellas) that are published one chapter at a time on platforms like Radish and Wattpad. Successful authors of serialized fiction may have thousands, even millions of followers. Some of them have gone on to get book deals from publishers and self-publish their work on Amazon and other markets.

  2. Q.Why would anyone want to ask you questions about online serial fiction writing and publishing?
    A. Because it’s what I do! I publish serialized fiction for both Wattpad and Radish with considerable success. My first novel The Billionaire’s Price racked up 22 million reads on Wattpad (before I unpublished it so I could sell it on Amazon and iTunes and a bunch of other online book retailers) and it hit the no. 1 spot in the Romance hotlist several times in a period of five months. My ongoing serialized novel The Billionaire’s Lie has gotten over 111,000 reads on Wattpad since it debuted last month. It’s also published on Radish, where it’s currently the third most-read story on the app. Oh, and my Wattpad account has over 177,000 followers.

  3. Q. Who should attend the Q&A?
    A. If you write fiction on Wattpad and want to know what you can do to get many more readers and followers, you may get something out of this Q&A. If you’re an indie or traditionally published author who wants to publish on Wattpad and/or Radish as a platform for getting more readers, this may help you too. If you’re a published author who sells a lot of books but you’re having difficulty achieving the same success on Wattpad for some reason you can’t figure out, I may be able to give you some useful advice. If you’re already publishing on Wattpad and/or Radish and you want a lot more readers and followers, this Q&A might help you achieve your goals. If you think your stories are so much better than mine and deserve at least twice as many reads, come on over and ask me what you can do to achieve that — I’m more than happy to help.

  4. Q. How much do I have to pay to join?
    A. Nothing. The Q&A is completely free. We won’t even try to sell you anything. All you need is a Facebook account and an invitation from the host Mina V. Esguerra (contact her on Facebook to ask for an invitation).

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