Revisiting old spaces

I have a Tumblr account I hardly use. I think about it once in a while but I never made plans for what to do with it. It’s work having to maintain social media sites and because of the current Twitter meltdown, I’m already on two new ones I have yet to post on.

Then today I got email notifications about two new tumblr followers. They turned out to be pr0n accounts. While I don’t object to pr0n accounts on principle, I know I’m not the target audience of these two accounts (my preference is men, sadly). Sorry.

But I had already logged in to tumblr to check. So I thought, I’m here I might as well post something.

Then I thought, hey I wonder if I could embed this on my website. This site runs on WordPress, which is owned by the same company that owns tumblr. The question isn’t really whether I could embed a tumblr post (I think you can pretty much embed anything on WordPress these days) but whether it would look great.

I’ll find out after I publish this post.

ETA: The tumblr embed looks great. At least on my phone browser. Good job Automattic.


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