Frequently Asked Questions #3

A.C. / TBP FAQ #3 – Will you read my story?

Q. Will you read my story?
A. Probably not. I don’t like unsolicited advertising (a.k.a. spam). Some authors don’t mind if you send them a message asking them to check out their stuff, but I do. When I get messages like this, I normally don’t bother replying.

Q. Will you ask your readers to check out my story?
A. Probably not. If I do endorse a story (I haven’t yet), it’s because I have read it and liked it a lot. There are some stories I like, and I will put them in a reading list which you’ll be able to see on my profile. I have a couple of stories on my one reading list so far, but I will add more.

Q. Will you read my story and give me honest feedback?
A. I probably will! As a reader, it makes me happy that so many people are aspiring to be writers, so I’m willing to help out in any way I can. I do have conditions, however: (1) the author is following me — this tells me that they are asking me for feedback because they think I can write and therefore am able to give them good advice, and they’re not just pretending to ask for help because they want me to read their story; and (2) the author is willing to accept honest feedback of their work — because if they only want me to tell them they’re awesome, then there’s no point.

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