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  • New serial fiction: Control

    New serial fiction: Control

    I have a new story up on Radish. It’s a modern remake of the classic Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice. Titled Control, it is a steamy billionaire romance that is definitely not safe for work.

    I posted chapter 1 a month ago, and the response has been great so far — over 900 readers have subscribed. I’d been putting this off all this time because I didn’t think I could handle writing two serials simultaneously, but I’d been more productive with my writing these days so I thought that it was time we got this show on the road. Chapters 1 and 2 are now both available to read, with chapter 3 on its way next week. Here’s the blurb, and an excerpt. Enjoy!



  • Online Serial Fiction

    Fake-Married to My Billionaire Boss RADISH   |   WATTPAD “It doesn’t have to be me.” He lowers his head to brush his lips over mine. “I want it to be you, Kate.” Raul Marin is in trouble. The CEO of one of the biggest clothing companies in the country, he’s about to lose his […]


  • How to get people to read your story on Wattpad

    How to get people to read your story on Wattpad

    People ask me how I’d gotten all those reads for my story The Billionaire’s Price. These are usually new writers who ask me this, or writers who have had their works up for some time but haven’t gotten as many readers as they would like. It’s quite frustrating, I know, spilling your guts out in a story and posting it online for everyone to see only to get a handful of reads after several months.

    TBP has racked up 18.5 million reads as of this writing. There was a time when it didn’t have even a million reads. There was a time when it didn’t have a thousand reads, or even a hundred. When I started posting TBP, I didn’t have any followers on Wattpad because I was new and TBP was my first story.

    This is what most new writers have to deal with in the beginning. So don’t be discouraged! There are steps you can take to find your audience, it’s not all dependent on luck. Everyone could use some luck, of course, but if you rely entirely on luck, you probably won’t get anywhere.

    First, I will tell you what I didn’t do. I didn’t go around Wattpad posting links to my story on people’s account pages. I didn’t message random Wattpad users with links to my story, begging them to read it. (I’m not sure spamming Wattpad users and begging them to read your story works, but let me tell you this: if some random person spams me with a link to their story, I ignore it.) I didn’t even have a Twitter or Facebook page in the beginning, so I wasn’t able to promote my story in either of those platforms.

    Instead, here’s what I did.


  • Sneak peek!

    Sneak peek!

    Things are ramping up toward the launch of the new fiction app Radish, and to get you guys ready and excited for it, I’ve decided to share with you the first three chapters of The Billionaire’s Lie. TBL will be my next story and it will be published exclusively on Radish.



  • [PREVIEW] The Billionaire’s Price Chapter 41 “Moving On”

    Victoria wakes up at the hospital after the accident. She finds out what happened to Benson. But where is Sebastian? PREVIEW


  • [PREVIEW] The Billionaire’s Price Chapter 39 “Trust”

    [PREVIEW] The Billionaire’s Price Chapter 39 “Trust”

    It seems that Sebastian’s past keeps haunting his relationship with Victoria. Plus now she has his Dad to contend with. It makes for a very awkward party, if I do say so myself. Here’s the preview.


  • [PREVIEW] The Billionaire’s Price Chapter 34 “Blue Bird”

    [PREVIEW] The Billionaire’s Price Chapter 34 “Blue Bird”

    So our couple is in Austin right now, hanging out with Benson and his mom Corinne. What other adventures will they be going on while they’re in Sebastian’s hometown? Here’s a preview.