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  • Kissing the Enemy

    Kissing the Enemy

    Did Jane Austen create the enemies-to-lovers trope? How interesting. I must find out.


  • Chapter 2 : Fake-Married to My Billionaire Boss

    “Do you have a plan, sir?” I say. I know we’ll need to figure out a strategy before Monday. That means we have a little over twenty-four hours.


  • Chapter 1 : Fake-Married to My Billionaire Boss

    I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing. Cursing at myself for forgetting to turn off the ringer, I sit up in bed. The two women I had taken home earlier from the club are lying on either side of me, fast asleep. I try not to wake them as I get up off the bed.


  • Book trailer – The Billionaire’s Game

    Book trailer – The Billionaire’s Game

    For reasons (don’t ask), I thought I’d see if I could make a sizzle reel for one of my books entirely on Canva. Reader, I did it.


  • The L.A. Players Series in your Gift Box

    The L.A. Players Series in your Gift Box

    My steamy billionaire romance series L.A. Players will be featured in the Radish fiction app Gift Box starting 12pm EST today, February 15 until February 18.


  • The Billionaire’s Game – Chapter 1

    An Unexpected Guest It was the insistent tapping sound that woke Ines Andrada up. Blinking at the morning sunshine that assaulted her eyes, she looked around to discover she was still in the driver’s seat of Piper Scanlon’s car. Once again, the police officer rapped his knuckles on the window of the Porsche. She rolled […]


  • The Billionaire’s Lie – Chapter 1

    “It’s Alexa, isn’t it?” Darien Lee asked, looking her up and down. His expression was unreadable. Alexa raised her eyebrows. Darien knew damn well who she was, she’d been working at the Crofton Regency Hotel for a year. “Yes, sir,” she said, straightening her back a little more. “Alexa Diaz.” What had she done this […]


  • The Billionaire’s Price – Chapter 2

    “Scent” Read Chapter 1 – “Into the Chocolate Box” Cinnamon. The smell of spice lingered long after she had left the elevator. It was oddly mesmerizing, breathing in her scent as she stood close to him in the elevator. Sebastian could still picture the lights glinting on her dark red hair as she walked away. […]


  • Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

    Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

    Who the **bleep** are you? I’m a romance fiction author! I’m also kinda chatty on Twitter. Where can I read your books? My finished stories are all on the Radish fiction app. Most of my works in progress (WIPs) are also on there and on the fiction platform Wattpad. My first book is published wide […]


  • #010 – Story Design with Brigitte Bautista

    #010 – Story Design with Brigitte Bautista

    Over a lovely breakfast at La Mere Poulard, I had a chat with F/F romance author Brigitte Bautista. We talked about how outlining made her a better, more productive writer and how writing fiction is kind of like programming, which is her day job.