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  • Today in #Olicity – Oly is the best boyfriend ever

    Goodnight #Arrow fam😴❤️have sweet dreams😁🙌4 days to see Oliver Queen being the greatest boyfriend ever😍 #Olicity 💚🎯💚 pic.twitter.com/UkhKCXxeba — StarlingCity Journal (@StarlingCityJ) October 11, 2015


  • Please allow me a moment to fangirl the new season of #olicity

    Please allow me a moment to fangirl the new season of #olicity

    Star City needs the #Arrow. Don’t miss the season 4 premiere Wednesday, October 7!https://t.co/igYCs7ICFc — Arrow (@CW_Arrow) September 10, 2015 In case you don’t know, I wrote the character Sebastian Chase around (former) billionaire CEO Oliver Queen. They’re not exactly the same people, but they have a lot of similarities. For example, Sebastian is hardly […]


  • About Ansela

    When she’s not writing romance fiction, Filipino author Ansela Corsino works as a graphics designer in Manila. She enjoys reading Regency romance, science fiction and mystery novels. She does not own a cat. Her work is heavily influenced by old Harlequin and Mills & Boon romances from the eighties from her grandmother’s library, and contemporary […]