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So here’s what happened

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Most of you by now know that I’ve unpublished Chapter 38 of my Wattpad story The Billionaire’s Price — less than 24 hours after I had published it.

I’ve tried to explain the reason why I did this, but for some reason very few people were able to grasp what I was trying to say. For one thing, almost everyone assumed it was haters that drove me to unpublish chapter 38. Here’s the thing: I never mentioned haters. I never said people were insulting me or my story. All I said was that people were misbehaving in the comments section. People were posting hateful, sexist, violent comments on Chapter 38.



What’s in The Hidden Room?

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The Billionaire's Price: The Hidden Room

Right now I have one story up on Wattpad: The Billionaire’s Price. You may wonder why there are two versions published. There’s The Billionaire’s Price (A Steamy Romance) and The Billionaire’s Price (The Hidden Room).

What’s the difference?

The Billionaire’s Price (A Steamy Romance) is the main story. It’s the one I keep PG-13 so Wattpad can recommend it to readers of stories in the same genre. And also so it can appear in Wattpad’s Romance hotlist. If a story is classified as mature or some chapters get flagged as mature, it’s disqualified from the hotlist even if it’s getting good ratings.

However, the love scenes are an important part of the story. I didn’t include them just to titillate readers. Victoria and Sebastian’s physical interactions in and out of bed are an important part of their relationship. The way they are in intimate moments shows us how they feel about each other. This is why I keep these intimate moments in the story.

To avoid getting too explicit, I’ve taken out most of the naughty bits in the main story pages (TBP:ASR). More mature readers, however, should be able to read the story in full, so for the chapters that I’ve had to tame down, I’ve posted the full uncut versions in TBP:THR.


The Write Life Writing

A.C. / TBP FAQ #2 – Why are your updates so short?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Why are your updates so short?
A. They’re not! All my most recent chapters are the longest in the story — each is approximately 2,000 words long. With fiction, a chapter may seem longer or shorter depending on the pacing.

Q. Could you write longer updates next time?
A. I could, but I don’t want to. With this story, 2,000 words is a good length for a chapter. This 2,000-word limit is not arbitrary. A story chapter’s length is as long as it needs to be for the author to tell a certain beat, scene or event. This length works for TBP, and I will probably stick to it.

Q. Why can’t I see [chapter/update/etc.]?



[PREVIEW] The Billionaire’s Price Chapter 26 “Losing Control”

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I usually update my story The Billionaire’s Price once a week, but due to the cliffhanger-y nature of the last chapter, I’m posting the next one now, five days later. I’d really love to be able to post a new chapter every five days, it’s just that I have my day job to do. But like they say, you don’t find time for writing, you make time. So I’ll do my best!

Here’s a preview of Chapter 26 (“Losing Control”) …