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  • I canceled my book … sort of

    I canceled my book … sort of

    I thought my readers on Radish would appreciate having a free story. And some of them did. As of writing this, FMMBB on Radish has gotten 180k reads (about 3.75x the 48k reads on Wattpad, which was a surprise, since Wattpad has way more active users than Radish). However, while the reader comments on Wattpad has been lovely, the past few weeks nearly all the reader comments on the story on Radish have been complaints about how I was updating the story so slowly. How I should be posting more than one update a week.


  • Endings


    I just posted the final chapter of Unmasking Mr. Darcy on Radish. It clocks in at almost 83,000 words and 46 chapters.


  • Myths and legends

    Myths and legends

    While I don’t implicitly mention it, my currently serialized interactive fiction story/game Finding the Dragon’s Mate is loosely based on the bakunawa and moon myths. It was a lot of fun naming characters based on figures in local mythology.


  • Chapter 2 : Fake-Married to My Billionaire Boss

    “Do you have a plan, sir?” I say. I know we’ll need to figure out a strategy before Monday. That means we have a little over twenty-four hours.


  • Chapter 1 : Fake-Married to My Billionaire Boss

    I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing. Cursing at myself for forgetting to turn off the ringer, I sit up in bed. The two women I had taken home earlier from the club are lying on either side of me, fast asleep. I try not to wake them as I get up off the bed.


  • New updates: Unmasking Mr. Darcy

    New updates: Unmasking Mr. Darcy

    In case you missed it, chapters 19 and 20 of Unmasking Mr. Darcy (Control #1) are now available on the Radish fiction app. If you’re not up to date with this serial, chapters 1 to 18 are available for free. You can read all 20 chapters now on the app. Download it from iOS store or the Google Play Store. Here’s an excerpt of chapter 19 “No Promises”.


  • Interactive Fiction

    Interactive Fiction

    I have a couple of stories up on the interactive fiction mobile app Dorian. One is the interactive version of my novel The Billionaire’s Price and the other is a new story called The Ghost In My Bed. You can download the Dorian app for free from the iOS store and the Android/Google store. You […]


  • The L.A. Players Series in your Gift Box

    The L.A. Players Series in your Gift Box

    My steamy billionaire romance series L.A. Players will be featured in the Radish fiction app Gift Box starting 12pm EST today, February 15 until February 18.


  • The Billionaire’s Game – Chapter 1

    An Unexpected Guest It was the insistent tapping sound that woke Ines Andrada up. Blinking at the morning sunshine that assaulted her eyes, she looked around to discover she was still in the driver’s seat of Piper Scanlon’s car. Once again, the police officer rapped his knuckles on the window of the Porsche. She rolled […]


  • The Billionaire’s Lie – Chapter 1

    “It’s Alexa, isn’t it?” Darien Lee asked, looking her up and down. His expression was unreadable. Alexa raised her eyebrows. Darien knew damn well who she was, she’d been working at the Crofton Regency Hotel for a year. “Yes, sir,” she said, straightening her back a little more. “Alexa Diaz.” What had she done this […]