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  • Boyfriend goals

    Boyfriend goals

    I like to think of myself as a responsible citizen of a democracy, but I swear any candidate who looks like that gets my vote.


  • Ardan: Second Lead Syndrome

    Ardan: Second Lead Syndrome

    Now that Victoria and Sebastian seem to be heading for couplesville, I figured it was time we revisit Ardan Kirkconnel’s character.

    Let’s face it: we love Ardan. He’s hot, sweet, funny — and he’s good friends with Nicolette, despite the fact that she’s a woman of negotiable affections. (But then, who doesn’t wanna be friends with Nic, right?) Okay, so he can’t dance but nobody’s perfect.

    From the comments I’ve seen, I know some of you (or a lot of you) kind of wanna sail the Ardan-Victoria (Ardoria? Victordan?) ship. They are nice to each other, have fun hanging out together, and have good chemistry. We ship them even if we know where Victoria’s heart (and her $20) belong. Because Ardan is adorable and almost perfect.

    I could have made Ardan just an average guy, of course. Hot, maybe, but still nothing more than a pleasant distraction from Victoria’s infatuation with her boss. But where’s the fun in that? READ MORE


  • Today in #Olicity – Oly is the best boyfriend ever

    Goodnight #Arrow fam😴❤️have sweet dreams😁🙌4 days to see Oliver Queen being the greatest boyfriend ever😍 #Olicity 💚🎯💚 pic.twitter.com/UkhKCXxeba — StarlingCity Journal (@StarlingCityJ) October 11, 2015


  • Please allow me a moment to fangirl the new season of #olicity

    Please allow me a moment to fangirl the new season of #olicity

    Star City needs the #Arrow. Don’t miss the season 4 premiere Wednesday, October 7!https://t.co/igYCs7ICFc — Arrow (@CW_Arrow) September 10, 2015 In case you don’t know, I wrote the character Sebastian Chase around (former) billionaire CEO Oliver Queen. They’re not exactly the same people, but they have a lot of similarities. For example, Sebastian is hardly […]