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How to find me and my stories on the Radish fiction app

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How to find me on Radish

As many of you know, I publish stories on the Radish fiction app. It’s relatively new, just a little over a year old. So it’s not too surprising that some of you aren’t that familiar with how to navigate your way through it. Take heart, my dear readers. Not only is Radish exceedingly easy (and fun!) to use, but I’ve made a helpful tutorial video that might be of help.

Short Stories

“Dirty Assistant” On WATTPAD:“The Girl in the Café” – A short story prequel of The Billionaire’s Price (non-spoilery) On HOOKED:“The Breakup”“Best Friends”“The Replacement Princess” (Download the HOOKED app …

Contest News

CONTEST: Tweet for Radish, Win Coins

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shopping radish

As you know, my next online story will be serialized on the Radish fiction app (hang on, it won’t be available to download until February 14 so don’t go rushing off now!). I will be publishing a chapter of The Billionaire’s Lie every week. It will be free to read, BUT if you pay to unlock advanced chapters, you’ll be able to read ahead of the pack instead of having to wait weeks for all of them to be available. Simple, yes?

You will need Radish “coins” to unlock advanced chapters, and you’ll have to pay for them. However, because I’m excited for you guys to try out the Radish app, I will be giving away free coins to ten lucky readers. Yes, I will pick ten winners of 50 coins each by raffle.

Contest is closed! Here are the winners …