[SPOILERS] Preview: Fake-Married to My Billionaire Boss – Chapter 40 “End of the Party”

Chapter 40 “End of the party”

(If you haven’t read Chapter 39 yet, it’s free on Wattpad.)

“But Raul—Mr. Marin went to look for whoever we heard screaming. I don’t know where he is.” 

“I’m sure he’s fine. Just please go back to the ballroom and we’ll sort this out.”

Before I can protest that no, I’m not going anywhere until I know Raul is all right, another staff member comes rushing in. “Ms. Johnson,” he says breathlessly. “We have a situation in the  ladies’ bathroom.”

Ms. Johnson gestures to the security guards who nod and rush down the hall. “Stay here please, Ms. Marin,” she says, her tone as firm as the grip she has on my arm. “Let our security people do their job.” 

She’s right. I know she’s right. But it doesn’t stop the frustration and anxiety from welling up inside me. “But … Raul …” I say, then turn to the staff member who saw what happened in the bathroom. “Is he all right?”

“I don’t know, Miss,” he says. He looks at Mrs. Johnson helplessly, as though at a loss as to what to say. 

“It’s all right, Wallace,” Ms. Johnson says. Please go back to the main hallway and make sure nobody comes this way. Direct them to the office bathrooms upstairs. If anyone asks, tell them we’re cleaning this area.”

“Yes, ma’am.” 

One of the security guards comes back, his expression grim. “Ms. Johnson, you should come see this,” he says. 

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