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Radish Android Launch June 15 - Featuring Serial Fiction by Ansela Corsino

iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) – Download
Android – Download

While you can buy my one novel The Billionaire’s Price as a paperback or ebook from various retailers, all my serial fiction stories can be found on the Radish fiction app.

The Billionaire's Lie - Ansela Corsino
The Billionaire’s Lie – full novel, wait-to-unlock
The Billionaire's Price Kindle Cover
The Billionaire’s Price – full novel, wait-to-unlock
The Billionaire's Game
The Billionaire’s Game (L.A. Players #3)
Ansela Corsino : Luxe (Blackridge Rock Series)
Luxe (Blackridge Rock #1)
Control by Ansela Corsino
Control – ongoing serial, free

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Radish?
A. Radish is a mobile app for serial fiction, you read it on your phone or tablet.

Q. How much is the Radish app?
A. It’s free!

Q. What is serial fiction?
A. Serial fiction is stories that are published one chapter at a time. It’s like a multi-part television mini-series, but for written fiction.

Q. Are the stories on Radish free?
A. Lots of stories on the Radish app are free. Others are premium, which means that you must pay to read each chapter of a story (except for the first few chapters which are free to read). Some stories are freemium.

Q. What is a freemium story?
A. A freemium story is one which you don’t have to pay to read. Each week, one chapter becomes free. The chapters after that are “locked”, meaning you pay to read them. However, if you’re willing to wait for these chapters to “unlock” (i.e., become free) then you can read the whole story without paying anything. Readers pay for “locked” chapters if they don’t want to wait weeks to be able to read them.

Q. Are your stories free on Radish?
A. I have two free stories on Radish — Luxe: Bride of the Vampire #1 and Control. The Billionaire’s Price is premium, and The Billionaire’s Lie is freemium.

Q. How do I pay for locked chapters/premium stories on Radish?
A. You can pay using Radish coins. You buy them, or you could win them in a giveaway (by Radish or any of their fabulous authors). To buy Radish coins, on the home screen of the app, look for your profile icon on the bottom right (it’s labelled “You”).

RADISH-User profile icon
Tap on the user profile icon on the lower right of the screen.

Tap on it, and you’ll see your user profile. There’s a button that says “Coin Store”.

RADISH-User profile page
The Coin Store button

Tap on that button and you’ll see a menu of different coin packages and their prices.

RADISH-Coin Store
The Coin Store

Buy the package that you want. Your user profile will display the number of coins you have in your account. All you have to do to buy a locked/premium chapter is to tap on it and the app will ask you if you’d like to purchase the chapter for 3 coins. Tap “Yes” and the chapter will be unlocked for you.

Oh and take note of the contest they’re currently running. If you like The Billionaire’s Lie and you have an Instagram, please join the contest for a chance to win coins! I’m looking forward to seeing all your lovely videos.

More FAQs coming soon!

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