I kinda have a Tiktok

If you use any Apple products, stop reading and go update your OS right now if you haven’t done so since August 19. They apparently just fixed some kind of security risk so to be safe, you’ll need to update your iOS and Mac OS asap.

I’ll wait.

Oh you’re back? Good.

You may be wondering why I’m talking about software updates here on my author blog. Well, my internet is pretty slow so the process of updating my OS is taking a few hours (it’s around 5 gigabites of files) and while I was waiting for it to get done, I made a Tiktok.


See, it’s author-related content.

I did forget to add captions, for which I apologize. This is my first time to post a video that’s just me talking, and moving forward, you can expect a few more slip-ups. But I’m posting the transcript here, in case you need it:

books2read.com. This is one of those free author tools that so many people have been sleeping on, I think. It’s it’s a free service, it’s at books2read.com. And when you sign up, you can put in your books, right? So you have like, in my case, The Billionaires Game, I put in all the links to— all the buy links, and all the places where it’s available to purchase. So in this case, we have Apple books, Kobo, this is Google Play, Scribd… And I’m so sorry, I don’t know what that last one is. But it’s there. And right now, it’s only available in ebook. But you can put in links for links to buy for the print version, or the audiobooks. And what’s even better is that you can customize the URL, so you can have… like this one. It’s books2read.com/thebillionairesgame, so it makes it easy for you to share the link to this, you know, just slide it in a conversation or when you post it on Twitter, you don’t have to go and check, copy the URL. So you can paste it on your Twitter or Facebook or whatever. And you can do that for each each one of your books. This is especially useful for if you are wide … you’re a wide author. I mean, it’s almost useless if you’re just… if your book is only available on on Kindle Unlimited. But if you’re wide, this is super useful, and it’s free. And you can just sign up. Anybody can just sign up. So check it out.

If you’re on the Tiktoks, please give me a follow—@anselacorsino .

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