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Audio shenanigans

While I love audiobooks — around 95% of the books I read are in audio — and I theoretically would love to publish an audio version of my books, I still need to get over the fear of listening to a human person actually narrating them. And it’s not even the steamy scenes, particularly. It’s just that I will have to listen to it during production and I’m not ready for it yet.

I guess that’s why I will sometimes mess around with text-to-speech. I figured listening to a software read my story out loud will, I dunno, help me prepare for human narration, I guess.

(I honestly believe that audiobooks are going to be as ubiquitous as ebooks in a couple of years. Publishers and indie authors just need to make the investment to get more books available in audio. It’s also an accessibility issue.)

Anyway, here is a super short excerpt of chapter one of Unmasking Mr. Darcy (CONTROL #1) read by robots! (If you think the software mispronounced my name, you’d be right.)

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