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The Billionaire’s Game

The Billionaire's Game
The Billionaire’s Game (L.A. Players #3)


“I don’t know what game you’re playing, Ms. Andrada. But you don’t want to make an enemy of me.”

Aspiring screenwriter Ines Andrada is eager to pursue her dreams and quit her job as the overworked and unappreciated assistant to a famous film star. But when she takes her movie script to a respected producer, she ends up in bed with her boss’s insanely hot ex-boyfriend.

Despite his billions and a reputation as a ladies’ man, Mason Kilborne doesn’t have much luck in relationships. So the last thing he needs is to be sent an escort as a thank-you gift by a business partner. The very attractive, (surprisingly) geeky blonde who shows up at his door is hard to resist, but she may not be all she pretends to be.

Ines doesn’t know what’s worse – Mason mistaking her for an escort or accusing her of blackmail. One thing’s for sure: if her boss ever finds out, Ines will be kicked out of show business permanently.

It doesn’t help that Mason keeps showing up at work, on the movie set – and in her wildly inappropriate fantasies.

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Control by Ansela Corsino
Control – ongoing serial, free


Asher Darcy has a reputation for being a devious businessman and a shameless rake. Prickly liberal feminist writer Lizzie Bennet hates him on sight. He’s manipulative. She’s a control freak. They have to work together. What could possibly go wrong?
An updated, modern remake of the classic Regency romance “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen.

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Luxe: Blackridge Rock #1

Ansela Corsino : Luxe (Blackridge Rock Series)
Luxe (Blackridge Rock #1)


Luxe Munro moves to the seaside town of Blackridge Rock for college and to escape her troubles from the big city. But the citizens of the town seem to be keeping a secret, and the affluent Gilroy family appears to be in the center of the mystery. When the dreams start to haunt her nights, she wonders if she may have fled her past life for an even more dangerous one.

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