Resisting Sin (Gold Diggers #1) — Episode One

Resisting Sin (Gold Diggers #1) — Episode One

Resisting Sin by Ansela Corsino
No sex. No attachments. One million dollars.

Hayley Denton takes care of the people in her life. One moment she's trying to get her roommate and best friend from doing something drastic to solve their money problems, and another moment she finds herself accepting an arrangement she could never have imagined in a hundred years.

After a tragedy early in his life, Gabriel Sin swore off all the excesses that defined his life so far. Reeling from an unexpected breakup, he's desperate to escape an arranged marriage his parents are pushing him into. Hiring a fake girlfriend for two months was a solution that was both simple and convenient.

Until it wasn't.

While Hayley has always played it safe, some sins are are more tempting than others. And even if she could resist Gabriel, could he resist her?


“The captain sent word they’re a few minutes away, sir.”

Gabriel Sin nodded at his chauffeur, then glanced at his wristwatch. It was almost nine p.m. That meant dinner won’t be until past ten. A bit late, but that couldn’t be helped. He’d had to fly to Seattle that afternoon to catch the CEO of a startup before she flew back to Japan, and convince her to let him invest a few million dollars in the company, as well as put him on the board.

The meeting had gone well, but he’d had to postpone his dinner date with his girlfriend a couple of hours. A private jet with Tallah on board was on its way to the airport where he sat waiting in his car. He imagined she wouldn’t be too happy having to spend two hours on a plane just to see him, but it was the only way to salvage what was left of the evening. There was no way he could have gotten back to L.A. before eleven.

He would have to make it up to her. They would have a private dinner at Canlis — he’d paid a hefty amount for the restaurant to stay open for them until midnight— and spend the night at the Four Seasons. His body warmed with the anticipation of making love to her in the late hours of the night; her umber skin beautiful against the pale satin sheets, his hands possessing her lush curves, her lips sweet beneath his hot, hungry kisses. Already his cock was stiffening at the memory of what it was like to be inside her. It had been two weeks since they’d been intimate, owing to his myriad business trips, and by God he was practically salivating at the thought of being able to touch her again. To plunge into her with frantic, sweaty urgency until she screamed his name. To kiss her senseless until her full lips were dark and swollen —

“How much longer, Andrews?” Gabriel nearly growled. Damn but he needed to get his body under control.

He’d swore to himself five years ago that he would no longer let his sexual appetites rule him. Which is why he threw himself almost entirely into work. Work was good. Work had meaning. He could make a difference in the world, instead of just hopping from one woman’s bed to another’s. He’d lived that life. Sometimes he even missed it. But he hadn’t missed feeling the world passing him by, the knowledge that when he was gone, no one would remember him. He didn’t miss the emptiness of the morning after every party, his lover or lovers of the night before barely knowing his name.

But just because he knew how to master his animal urges didn’t mean they were no longer there. They still lurked inside him just below his polite, controlled demeanor, threatening to overcome him at any moment.

“Ten minutes, sir,” his chauffeur said. “The flight crew just sent a message they’re about to land.”

Thank God. He didn’t know how he’d make it through dinner as it was. The sooner they got to the restaurant, the sooner they’d be able to be alone in their suite. The idea of skipping Canlis altogether and going directly to the hotel passed his mind, but he dismissed it immediately. He may have animal urges, but he refused to behave like one. Not anymore.

He looked out the window, watching for the lights of his jet. It was raining. A light drizzle, not unusual for the tail end of spring. He stayed inside and waited for the plane to taxi into place just several feet away from where his white and silver Rolls-Royce Phantom was parked.

The airstair dropped, and a flight attendant in a crisp grey and white uniform alighted. He deployed an umbrella before walking down the steps. No one else followed out the plane.

Gabriel frowned. Was Tallah waiting for him to come up and get her? He had no time for that; they were already late for dinner.

The flight attendant walked up to the car, in front of Gabriel’s window. When he lowered the glass, the attendant handed him an envelope, careful to keep it from the rain. “From Ms. Spencer, sir,” the flight attendant said.

The letter — it was just a note, really — was short:


I can’t do this anymore. Goodbye.


He stared at the sheet of paper. Of course she’d written him a note, instead of ringing his phone or getting on the plane to meet him. This way he couldn’t respond — not right away at least. He couldn’t coax her back into his arms, or try to convince her to give him another chance. This note meant everything was truly over between them. Finished.

It was only when Andrews spoke up that Gabriel realized he’d been sitting for several minutes in silence.

“Sir, shall I inform the restaurant you’ll be a little late?”

Gabriel resisted the urge to crush the note in his hand, instead folding it up and slipping it back into the envelope. “Tell them there’s been a change of plans. The flight crew will be having dinner at Canlis tonight. Then book them at the Hyatt.”

“And you, sir?”

He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Despair and anger and longing washed over him, but he kept his voice even. “Take me directly to the hotel,” he said. “We fly back to L.A. After lunch tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir.”

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