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Where to buy The Billionaire’s Price in ebook and paperback

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A bunch of readers have been asking me if The Billionaire’s Price will be available in paperback. I’m very pleased to let you all know that, yes, both paperback and ebook copies of TBP are available for purchase on Amazon and other retailers. Even on the Radish app!

(Some of these links are affiliate links. Buying from these sites won’t cost you anything extra.)


Philippine Edition (bank deposit payment)
Philippine Edition (Shopee app – multiple payment options) NEW!
Philippine Edition (paypal/credit card payment)

The Ripped Bodice
Barnes & Noble
Book Depository
Open Trolley (Singapore)
Amazon U.S.
Amazon U.K.
Amazon Canada
Amazon Japan
Amazon India
Amazon Mexico
Amazon Brazil
Amazon France
Amazon Italy
Amazon Spain
Amazon Germany

For those of you who prefer the ebook version, you can buy the digital copy of TBP on Amazon Kindle and various ebook retailers. Release date is today, February 26. (If it’s not February 26 in your part of the world, you’ll be able to preorder.)


buqo (Android/iOS app: payment via Visa or MasterCard, PayPal, online banking, over-the-counter, Smart mobile load)
Amazon (Kindle) U.S.
Amazon (Kindle) U.K.
Amazon (Kindle) Japan
Amazon (Kindle) Australia
Amazon (Kindle) India
Amazon (Kindle) Mexico
Amazon (Kindle) Canada
Amazon (Kindle) Brazil
Amazon (Kindle) Netherlands
Amazon (Kindle) Italy
Amazon (Kindle) Spain
Amazon (Kindle) France
Amazon (Kindle) Germany

Google Play Books NEW!


Barnes & Noble (Nook)





Inktera/Page Foundry



RedShelf NEW!

Bookmate NEW!


Los Angeles Public Library NEW!
Toronto Public Library (ebook)
Austin Public Library (ebook)

I’ll keep updating this page for when ordering pages in other retailers are available. So please check back again or follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter for updates. Or subscribe to my mailing list.

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