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TypeKita — a new chat fiction app

I’m testing out this new chat fiction app called TypeKita (yes, it’s run by Pinoys and was created for Pinoys although anyone can have fun with it). It has chat fiction, regular fiction, and interactive fiction— and you can get all three in one story. That means a story can have regular chapters and chat chapters, while letting you choose your own adventure. It’s available on iOS and Android devices.

Aiden's Choice by Ansela Corsino (book cover)

If you want to check it out, I have an ongoing story called Aiden’s Choice, which is a fake-dating romantic comedy set in a fictional university in Cebu. The principal characters Gwen and Aiden go to the same school but live in different worlds, but these worlds brush up against each other in a coffee shop Choya where Gwen works part time.

It’s an ongoing story, so I hope you’ll add it to your TypeKita library! If you’re enjoying it, give the chapters a thumbs up and post your comments. Oh, and be sure to follow me to get notifications when a new chapter drops!

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