The Billionaire's Price E-Book (Wattpad)

The Billionaire’s Price is now available for purchase

My novel, The Billionaire’s Price is now available for purchase. *throws confetti*

The Original Wattpad Edition can be bought online as an ebook (MOBI, EPUB) here. It contains all 42 chapters of the uncut, original version of the book. The story is currently serialized on Wattpad and the last two chapters 41 and 42 will be up on January 27 and February 6 respectively. However, if you can’t wait or you would just like to have your own copy of the book that no one can take away from you, you can buy it now for only $2.99.

There’s a bonus gift for those who buy the ebook now— they will receive an advance copy of the commercial, professionally edited version of The Billionaire’s Price before it is published in March. The commercial edition of TBP will feature some changes to certain chapters, and it’s professionally edited for a better reader experience. It will, however, remain the story that you know and love. This advance copy will be available for download in February for those who have purchased the Wattpad Edition, and it will be free!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Q.Wait, you mean I can read the whole story right now? No waiting? No stupid cliffhangers?
    A. Yes. The full novel is available for purchase as an ebook (in both MOBI and EPUB versions) here.

  2. Q. What if I don’t have a credit card or PAYPAL, or I just don’t want to give any money to the author who worked so hard at writing the book but I want to read the whole book?
    A. No problem! The last two chapters will be uploaded on Wattpad by March. You can read it there for free. (Or you could, you know, ask your Mom or a rich friend to buy the book for you.)

  3. Q. If I buy this book now, can I brag to all my friends that I’ve read The Billionaire’s Price in its entirety?
    A. Sure! Just don’t spoil them, or they might hurt you.

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