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Join the Easter Egg Hunt Giveaway!

So I have a couple of stories up on the interactive fiction app Dorian. To celebrate, Dorian is hosting a giveaway to award a $50 gift certificate to one lucky reader of my interactive story The Billionaire’s Price on Dorian.

Some of you might be familiar with The Billionaire’s Price as a novel. The story that’s up on Dorian right now is the interactive version, where you get to play the main character (MC) and make choices that determine what happens in the story. I’ve always wanted to try my hand out with interactive fiction so I’m excited to be able to finally do so on Dorian.

To get a better idea of what playing my interactive story is like, check out the video I took of a scene in the story.

If paranormal romance is a thing you like, you can also check out my two other stories on the app — The Ghost In My Bed and My Boyfriend’s Ex Is A Vampire.

All these interactive stories are on the Dorian app. You can download it for free on the iOS store and the Google Play Store . It launched just last week on January 15, and as a treat, all stories — including choices and bonus scenes — are free! They will be free until the end of this month (January 2021). So now’s your chance to binge on all the interactive stories you can cram in your reading time.

But wait there’s more!

Dorian also allows for live playing with your friends. Just be sure everyone has the app installed and you’re all friends on the app.

So how do you join the Easter Egg Hunt giveaway? All you need to do is read the story, make your choices, and in one of the plotlines (I won’t say which!), you will come across the “Easter Egg” which is a funny, out-of-place scene in the story. You’ll know it’s the Easter Egg because Sebastian will tell you and give you instructions on which scene to take a screenshot of to show us you’ve found it. Once you have the screenshot, all you need to do is post it on Instagram (be sure it’s a public account!) and caption it with your reaction to that choice you just made in the story. You also have to tag both me (@ansela.corsino) and Dorian ( in your post. Be sure to also be following these our instagram accounts! The winner will be randomly chosen by an algorithm and will will a $50 gift certificate to a store of your choice. The Easter Egg Hunt starts 9am PST on Friday, January 22, 2021 and ends two days later on 11.59pm PST (Sunday, January 24).

Don’t forget to download the Dorian app from the iOS store or the Google Play Store depending on which mobile device you’re using.

Good luck!

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