L.A. Players by Ansela Corsino on the Radish fiction app

How to read my books for free on the Radish app

UPDATE (3 July 2021) : The wait time to unlock a chapter has been reduced to one hour! So that’s a shorter wait between chapters.

So I’m running a promo on my three-book series L.A. Players on the Radish fiction app. It was previously on a wait-to-unlock pricing method, which means that you can read the first two books and most of the third book for free if you can wait 24 hours for the next chapter to unlock for you.

If you’re not familiar with the wait-to-unlock method on Radish, this might be confusing. Which is why I did a livestream on my Twitch channel a few weeks ago to give a demo on how to read my books using the wait-to-unlock method. Also because the promo I’m running until November 5, 2020 means you only have to wait six hours for the next chapter to unlock, instead of 24 hours.

The video is also on my YouTube channel, if you’re not a Twitch kinda person. But I’m planning on doing more LiveStreams on twitch, and reposting the videos on YT later so if you want to join in the livestream and live chats, please do follow me on Twitch.

In the meantime, if you haven’t read all of my L.A. Players series (The Billionaire’s Price, The Billionaire’s Lie, The Billionaire’s Game) watch the video on YouTube or Twitch (or scroll up this page and watch the embedded video) and learn how you can read my books for free on Radish!

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