The Billionaire's Game - trailer - sizzle reel

Book trailer – The Billionaire’s Game

I’ve been loving Canva so much lately. I mean, I use Photoshop extensively, but there are just some things that are quicker to do on Canva. And I’m not just talking about designing images, but creating video too.

For reasons (don’t ask), I thought I’d see if I could make a sizzle reel for one of my books entirely on the Canva video editor. Reader, I did it.

Everything in the video except of the book cover photo was entirely sourced from Canva’s media library. Isn’t it amazing? There are hundreds of templates available to choose from too.

I have a paid Pro account, so some of the elements might not be available to free accounts. It would be interesting to know if one could make a decent book trailer using a free account. If you have, please share it!

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