Radish for Android on June 15 + New Fantasy Serial Fiction

Radish for Android on June 15 + New Fantasy Serial Fiction

I have some exciting news for you, my lovely readers. The wait is almost over — Radish will now be available on Android on June 15. *throws confetti*

But wait, there’s more!

A while back, I announced I’d be writing a new serial fiction novel called Luxe: Blackridge Rock #1 . It’s still a romance, but also in the fantasy genre. If you’d like to check it out, I just posted the prologue and chapter 1 up on the Radish app.

Here’s the blurb for Luxe: Blackridge Rock #1:

[red_box]Luxe Monro moves to the seaside town of Blackridge Rock for college and to escape her troubles from the big city. But the citizens of the town seem to be keeping a secret, and the affluent Gilroy family appears to be in the center of the mystery. When the dreams start to haunt her nights, she wonders if she may have fled her past life for an even more dangerous one.[/red_box]

Ansela Corsino : Luxe (Blackridge Rock Series)

You may download the Radish iOS app here.

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Radish Android Launch June 15 - Featuring Serial Fiction by Ansela Corsino

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