#NaPodWriMo Episode 03 : Outlining

#NaPodWriMo – Episode 3 – Outlining

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#NaPodWriMo 2017
#NaPodWriMo 2017
#NaPodWriMo - Episode 3 - Outlining

This episode is late, sorry! If you’re in, say, the West coast of the U.S. it you’re getting this just in time, but if you’re located in Asia, this episode is definitely late. Publishing one podcast episode a day is hard, and I totally expected to eff this up at some point. Apologies. I’m going to do my best to get back on track.

Today’s episode is outlining. This is not a lesson on how to outline, no. But I do try to argue the merits of outlining, and how a pantser (like me!) can ease into the process of working from an outline.


Episode 3 – Outlining


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