Rider, Die

The other day, I blogged about why we should all be maarte and included a list of items on my rider. It was only after I posted out that I remembered a couple other things on my rider I forgot about.

Note to self: write down your rider.

  • At stay-in events, no sleeping situations where I have to share a room with a stranger. This wasn’t something I minded when I was younger but I’m … not young now and I refuse to bunk with anyone I don’t know.
  • At stay-in events, no sharing a room with anyone who snores. Sorry, it’s nothing personal but I can’t sleep when someone in the room is snoring. And if I don’t get enough sleep, I won’t be able to function.
  • No instant coffee ever. Because why. Life is too short for 3-in-1. If you’re reading this and have ever given me a bag of instant coffee in the past with assurances that it’s Good Actually, please know I threw that sh*t out as soon as I got home. The Philippines grows really good coffee, we should be patronizing local farmers and co-ops instead of giving Nestlé and other evil corporations more money.
  • In baking or when eating, no margarine ever. If a recipe calls for butter, use butter. If a recipe calls for margarine, use butter. If someone offers you margarine, ask them why they hate you.

I suspect I’ll be adding more items the older I get. And why not. Youth is for discovering what we love and more importantly, what we hate. NotYouth is for deciding what we’re never compromising on. Like real coffee and butter. Maybe we’ll also decide on the more serious things we’re not compromising on, like good governance and a president who isn’t literally a convicted criminal and thief.

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