Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who the **bleep** are you?

I’m a romance fiction author! I’m also kinda chatty on Twitter.

Where can I read your books?

My finished stories are all on the Radish fiction app. Most of my works in progress (WIPs) are also on there and on the fiction platform Wattpad. My first book is published wide as an ebook and paperback on a bunch of places online.

Why do you post your WIPs online? Shouldn’t you finish them first?

I know, right? But apparently the millions of readers on Wattpad like reading chapters of a book as soon as they’re finished, even with no guarantees the story will ever be completed. I refer to it as “serial fiction” and it’s basically a high-wire act for an author. It’s like extreme sports but without the sports. I can recommend it, but please don’t go into it lightly.

When will you update <name of a WIP>?

If I know when I’m posting, say, chapter 32 of a story, I will put in the date in a short announcement at the end of chapter 31. If I don’t do this, it means I don’t know. Either way, there really is no point in asking me. All it does is stress me out, and I don’t write very well when I’m stressed.

[Last updated 29 June 2019]

To be continued…

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