In pain, send donuts

Detmers: In order for the asteroid to exit at the correct angle, I would have to execute a sustained circular drift.

Tilly: A donut. You would be doing A DONUT in a starship!

Detmers: That’s true.

Star Trek: Discovery, Season 2, Episode 2 “New Eden”

Not that I hadn’t been expecting it, but the COVID-19 booster vaccine I got last week really kicked my ass.

Right now, I no longer have a fever (which really lasted only a few hours the day after the shot) but my I still suffer some slight body pains and headaches. The spot where they jabbed me is all red and sore.

So… fun.

No, seriously, I’m glad I finally got my long overdue booster shot. I’ve had to cancel my booster appointment three times because I couldn’t get a ride share and there was no way I was risking my un-boostered ass inside a taxi or jeepney*. Then I saw someone post about a Watson’s in Pasig who was giving boosters to walk-ins, so I just went. The day was rainy but by some miracle, I had no problems getting a Grab car either to the Watson’s or back home.

* It turns out I did risk my ass on election day (May 8) by taking a jeepney and two random taxis just so I could get to my precinct. Of course the party of criminals cheated and won, but I’m still glad I voted. Also glad I didn’t catch anything.

As a “reward” for adulting, I got myself half a dozen donuts after my shot, because Krispy Kreme just happened to be right beside the Watson’s. An because I was already at a pharmacy, I also picked up some liniment and pain meds which I was sure I was going to need. (Spoiler: I did need it. I’ve been smelling like an old lady for a few days now but everything was pain for two days and I didn’t care.)

As expected, I couldn’t get any fiction writing done since last week. Will try again tomorrow. In the meantime, let’s take care of one another by wearing our masks and getting vaccinated/boosted.


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