Radish Live Chat - 16 September 2018

And the winners are …

Last Sunday, I had my very first Radish Live Chat for my story The Billionaire’s Game. It was so much fun! I didn’t expect so many readers would be there from places where it was either too early in the morning or too late at night. Thank you so much.

Radish Live Chat - 16 September 2018
We got over 13,000 ❤️ on the live chat! You guys are the best.

The Live Chat was exclusively for readers who read my latest update of TBG, chapter 56 “Tea and Company”. As I promised, I held a Radish coin giveaway. I posted eight questions about TBG and picked the best answers. I said the winners would get 10 coins each, but after giving it some thought, I changed my mind and awarded them 12 coins instead.

Q1. What do you think happens in the next episode?

Obviously I already knew what was going to happen in chapter 57, but I thought it would be fun to find out what the readers were speculating.

Here are some of the responses:

charu a5 – no faking dating with Brandon? but making Mason jealous

CYO31make mason do some hardwork to win back his girl

And the winner is…


Yeah, Ash guessed one detail in the next episode which I can’t post here because spoiler reasons. Sorry!

Q2. What was your favorite part of episode 56?

Some of the responses…

Nonin Favorite part Mason saying I love you (twice) to Ines .. even though she’s not there

uh_okay a2 my favorite part is when mason gets defensive about ines, he takes own of his mistakes and realizes he messed up big time. i just hope be does enough to win

slcampbell18 A2 – when ines opened the door to brandon and brandon instantly knew something was wrong just by looking at her.

And the winner is…

myriamwitticaA2 my favorite part is how in sync Brandon is with Ines. He’s a good friend to her

I like how the reader recognized how amazing the friendship is between Ines and Brandon.

Q3. Who is your favorite character? Tell us why.

Some of the responses…

CYO31 A3. Mason all the way. he is flawed but he owns upto his mistake and nof to metion he ks complete package if you know what I mean😜😜 and he sends her such cute and thoughtful texts

slcampbell18 A3 – while i love mason and ines. i like Daria. shes unique and interesting. Shes totally different.

I picked two winners for this one! They are…

naveen925 A3 – mason – ive feel like ive seen a huge change and growth in his character. he’s changed so much since the start. He used to have such a cold exterior and now he’s so vulnerable around ines. His change is amazing to see

manoolaxx A3 Mason…..watching someone not used to love and yet faling in love and making all the mistakes is hearkbreaking and I love it

Q4. Should Ines forgive Mason? Why or why not?

Some of the responses…

cams24 Q4: yes but not before mason works for it HARD.

arrowhearts ines needs to listen to mason first. i know our girl is hurting but you once she’s able to clear the air with him it will all be good. mason needs to step it up!!!

Bundo ines should forgive Mason. I think nobody will love Ines like Mason

And the winner is…

CYO31A4. yes she should forgive him but not get back together untill mason does something big big and apologizes to her in a way that she can see how sorry he is and how much he truly loves her and that he will never do anything to hurt her on purpose again.

Q5: Should Brandon and Ines try dating each other? Why or why not?

Okay, I’ll admit, this question is pretty wild. But come on — you know you were thinking it!

Some of the responses…

cams24 Q5 fake dating to make mason jelly?

arrowhearts OMG. theyre cute but i feel like theres a friend-zone kind of line that separates them. but if it would rile up mason and would make the stort interesting…i just wanna see mason pissed af because hes cute that way

rq25 nah. they seem like they will make great buds but not dating. i feel like their characters are a bit similar in terms of empathy etc. you need similarities in a relationship yes. but cannot be too muh the same

goldieontheloose Q5 : no. because they are absolutely awesome friends and I’m not sure they could have such awesome chemistry as ines and Mason.

goteemtiger Q5 NO i dont ship Brandon and Ines. Brandon may be attractive and all but he’s not Mason. It would also be kind of weird bc she’s his assistant.

All good answers! But the winner is…

blisssss Ines loves Mason too much to date someone else and especially Brandon her boss

Q6: should Mason try to get Ines back?

Sirone Q6: yes, he should grovel

CYO31 maybe Mason should make Ines pancakes. one of every fruit pancake

And the winner is…

Nonin He’ll buy the whole Starbucks just for her hahahajk

Let’s not forget how much Ines loves coffee!

Q6: should Mason try to get Ines back?

Speaking of coffee, the next question had only one correct answer so it wasn’t hard to pick a winner.

Q7. What are Ines’s two favorite beverages?

And the winner is …

aashi A7 coffee and tea

Q8: Ines’s favorite beverages are coffee and tea. What are they metaphors for? First correct answer wins!

Only one person got the correct answer, so they get 14 coins instead of 12.

Chandramukhi A8 Coffee for Mason and Tea for Brandon

Congratulations to all the winners! You should have received your coins by now. If you haven’t, please drop me an email at ansela@anselacorsino.com and let me know. Of course, don’t forget to mention your Radish username in your email.

If you haven’t won in last week’s Radish coin giveaway, you still have a chance! I’ll be doing another Live Chat on Sunday, September 23. It will start as soon as TBG Chapter 57 is published, which will be at 12 noon Manila Time (or 0400 GMT). The chat will run for three hours, and anyone who reads Chapter 57 during the chat can joinb. BUT if you join within the first fifteen minutes of the chat, then you automatically win three coins.

Here are more details about the Live Chat.

During the Live Chat, I will be posting questions and fielding answers. So you have until the end of the chat to put in your answers for a chance to win Radish coins! If you’ve already won coins in the trivia last Sunday, you won’t be able to win in the next chat. But you are still welcome to answer questions for fun.

See you at the Live Chat!

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