Guard that body : Write from a prompt, get a chance to win $150

Use a prompt, get a chance to win $150

If you’re an author who publishes interactive fiction on the Dorian app or if you’re a fiction author who want to try your hand at interactive fiction, you might be interested in joining a new writing contest whose winner gets a $150 gift card (for an online store of your choice!). All you need to do is write an interactive story from a prompt I created: The Billionaire’s Bodyguard.

The Billionaire's Bodyguard
You're a bodyguard and your new assignment is as the special bodyguard to billionaire Carlos Yu who's in town for business. Sure he's got his own security, but things are a little too dangerous that your boss has decided he needs someone who can stick to him more intimately, day and night. And that's why you're working undercover as his girlfriend. Never mind that Carlos is the hottest man you've ever met or that he looks at you like he wants the both of you to do more than just pretend to be lovers. After all, you're a professional. Right?

To help you along, here are some ideas on how the story might go:

  1. Trope: Second chance romance— It turns out you and Carlos had a one-night stand three years ago and never saw each other since. He pretends he’s forgotten about it. But has he really?
  2. Trope: Enemies to lovers — You hate your assignment, you think it’s beneath your talents. He thinks you’ll be too distracted by his good looks to do your job. Who’s going to be proven wrong?
  3. Trope: Danger banging — The assignment is much more perilous than anyone thought. Soon you and Carlos are running for your lives. And also turning to each other for comfort.

Deadline is 11:59 pm PST on May 19th (3pm May 20 Manila Time) . The winner gets a $150 gift card!


  • Just one episode long.
  • Should contain at least 3 choices.


Q. Can I change the look of the characters?
A. Totally

Q. Can I change the characters’ names?
A. Yes.

Q.Can I change the name of the story?
A. Absolutely!

Q. Can I change the content of the story starter itself?
A. You can, as long as the general premise stays the same.

Q. Does the story have to be a complete story?
A. Yes, but you can edit it to make it longer once the contest ends.

Q. Does the story have to have multiple endings?
A. Not necessarily, but you’ll get bonus points if it does!

Q. Should I write alone or collaborate?
A. You can do either!

If you’ve not gotten started on Dorian yet, you can download the free app from the iOS store or the Google Play Store. Once you have it, look for The Billionaire’s Bodyguard prompt. Play through it once, and at the end of the prompt, you’ll see a link to sign up to write on the Dorian App. Unlike other interactive fiction platforms, you don’t need to know how to code to write your story. It’s all drag and drop — you can learn to do it in a day.

But wait, there’s more! If you submit your qualifying story by Monday, May 17 at 9am PST (Tuesday, May 18, 12 midnight Manila Time), you automatically win 3 hearts (payment tokens on Dorian) to spend on any story you want.

Got any questions? Drop them in the comments section. Good luck!

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