Radish Live Chat

Let’s chat! (And maybe win some coins.)

Radish Live Chat

The Radish fiction app has a new chat feature! These are scheduled chats with specific authors that begin right after an author updates a story.

Guess what? I have a scheduled chat on Sunday, September 16 and the following Sunday on September 23. Yes you and I will be able to chat right after I post a new chapter of my story The Billionaire’s Game. Only those who purchase the new chapter will be able to join the chat. If you join the chat within 15 minutes from when it starts, you automatically win three Radish coins!

You will have a chance to win more coins if you stay on the chat and join my giveaways. I’m giving away 110 coins during each of the two scheduled chats — that means I will be giving away a total of 220 coins in all.

These coins can be used to purchase chapters of my stories and stories by any other author on Radish. Isn’t it exciting?

How does it work? Check out the helpful guidelines below :

I’ll be on there starting at 12 noon (Manila Time) to chat about Ines, Mason and all things TBG.

Other Radish authors also have chats this month. Check out the schedule below:

Radish Live Schedule
Radish Live Schedule

Soon, I’ll be announcing how you can win coins during the chat. So you don’t miss it, why don’t you sign up to my mailing list and get the announcement directly in your inbox?

See you at the chat!

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