CONTEST: #BlurbThis — Write the best blurb for your Wattpad story

This contest is open to everyone with a qualified romance story on Wattpad. The prize: I will feature the winning blurbs on my Wattpad message board along with links to the stories.

To qualify, the stories must

  • be a romance story/novel/novella.
  • be written by you. You may not submit entries for other people’s stories.
  • be either a completed story of five or more chapters or an ongoing story with at least five (5) already published chapters.
  • be written in English, Taglish or Filipino. (Apologies to authors who write in other languages, but these are the only ones I am decently fluent in.)
  • have a cover that is PG-13, with no copyright-infringing images.

What is a blurb? A blurb is a short text that is usually found at the back of novels that gives a potential reader an idea of what the book is about. In Wattpad, it’s the story description.

To qualify, the blurb must be

  • written in the same language the story is written in. For example, if your story is written in Taglish, your blurb must also be in Taglish.
  • not longer than 150 words. If your blurb is longer than the maximum 150 words, your entry will be disqualified.
  • PG-13 (story may be mature but the blurb should be for general audiences)
  • written by you, the author, or someone you’ve commissioned/hired/requested to write the blurb (like your friend or your editor)
  • free of typos and adhere to grammar and spelling rules.

To join, email me at ansela{dot]corsino[at}gmail[dot}com with the subject :


In the body of your email, put in the following information:

  • Author name
  • Link to your Wattpad profile
  • Link to your Wattpad story
  • Story title
  • Blurb/story description
  • Any trigger warnings/content warnings for your story: strong language, mature situations, abuse, assault, rape. If there aren’t any, please indicate NO CONTENT WARNING.

This contest will run until from June 3 until August 25, 2018. I will choose winners every week. The cutoff for submissions each week is 11pm on Saturday, Manila Time. Please note the following additional rules:

  • Each author may submit not more than one entry per week
  • The blurb you submit must be the actual blurb used on your Wattpad story page.
  • If your blurb doesn’t win, you may re-submit a new blurb entry for the same story again so long as you send it in before 11pm on August 25. Basically you can keep trying until you win or until the end of the contest, so long as you send a NEW blurb each time
  • Once your blurb has won, you may no longer submit a blurb for that same story. You may submit a blurb for a different story
  • You don’t need to send me a copy of your story, I won’t be reading it. I will only be judging your blurbs
  • I will reply to all entries I receive and inform the authors that I’ve received their submissions. If you don’t receive a reply within three days from the time you sent in your entry, please check your spam folder. If my reply isn’t there, please check your email and make sure you spelled my email address correctly
  • You’re not required to follow me on Wattpad, but you can if you like.
  • I will be promoting the winning stories but I will take no moral responsibility for the stories themselves. However, if I find anything illegal or highly questionable in a story (the glorifying of abuse, for example), I reserve the right to disqualify its entry.

I will not accept submissions through any means other than email. Please don’t PM me your blurb submissions on Wattpad (you will be blocked). If you have questions or require clarification, please post a comment below.

To help you along, here are some articles on how to write a good blurb:

Good luck!

Photo by MJ S on Unsplash

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