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  • A.C. / TBP FAQ #2 – Why are your updates so short?

    A.C. / TBP FAQ #2 – Why are your updates so short?

    Q. Why are your updates so short?
    A. They’re not! All my most recent chapters are the longest in the story — each is approximately 2,000 words long. With fiction, a chapter may seem longer or shorter depending on the pacing.


  • A.C. / TBP FAQ #1

    A.C. / TBP FAQ #1

    Q. Are you Filipino? A. Yes.

    Q. When is the next update of The Billionaire’s Price? A. Usually about five days from the day the latest chapter was posted, give or take a few days.

    Q. Can you update TBP every day please? A. While I would love to be able to do nothing but write, I have a job. I need to make time for fiction writing. Sometimes I skip parties and meeting my friends just so I can write. So, no, I can’t update the story every day.

    Q. Why do you do this to me? (A.K.A. Why must you end the chapter with a cliffhanger?)