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What’s in The Hidden Room?

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The Billionaire's Price: The Hidden Room

Right now I have one story up on Wattpad: The Billionaire’s Price. You may wonder why there are two versions published. There’s The Billionaire’s Price (A Steamy Romance) and The Billionaire’s Price (The Hidden Room).

What’s the difference?

The Billionaire’s Price (A Steamy Romance) is the main story. It’s the one I keep PG-13 so Wattpad can recommend it to readers of stories in the same genre. And also so it can appear in Wattpad’s Romance hotlist. If a story is classified as mature or some chapters get flagged as mature, it’s disqualified from the hotlist even if it’s getting good ratings.

However, the love scenes are an important part of the story. I didn’t include them just to titillate readers. Victoria and Sebastian’s physical interactions in and out of bed are an important part of their relationship. The way they are in intimate moments shows us how they feel about each other. This is why I keep these intimate moments in the story.

To avoid getting too explicit, I’ve taken out most of the naughty bits in the main story pages (TBP:ASR). More mature readers, however, should be able to read the story in full, so for the chapters that I’ve had to tame down, I’ve posted the full uncut versions in TBP:THR.



[PREVIEW] The Billionaire’s Price Chapter 31 “Play”

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“I thought you had a meeting,” she said.


“Oh, then I guess I should -”

“Stay, please.” The imploring way he looked at her made her knees weak. “I told Benson you’d be here.”

She was quiet for a moment, then nodded her head. She leaned back in her seat and prayed for the program to begin.

“Thank you for coming,” he said.

“You’re welcome,” she said, trying to sound casual.

Please don’t ask me about what happened at—

“You ran out on me yesterday.”


“I’m sorry,” she said, her eyes glued to the stage curtains.

“If you didn’t like crepes, I could have made you something else.”

“It’s not that.” She gripped the arm rest between them. “I had to get to work-”

“Shhh,” he whispered, his hand closing over hers. “We’ll talk later.”

Victoria was vaguely aware that the lights had dimmed, and the curtain was beginning to rise. All she could think about was Sebastian holding her hand. His four fingers were curled under her palm, and his thumb caressed the top of her fingers in an occasional slow, gentle stroke as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

She felt her body temperature rise, the awareness of his touch coursing through every nerve in her body. The fluttering in her stomach melted into a hot pit of need in her core.

She pulled her hand away from his grasp.



[PREVIEW] The Billionaire’s Price Chapter 30 “Sleep Over”

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"The Billionaire's Price" PREVIEW

He kissed her mouth, and moved his lips down her throat. “Now that we’ve defiled my work desk,” he said, “maybe we should move upstairs.”

She rolled her head back, letting him take his pleasure with her. He flicked his tongue on her throat between kisses. He moved a hand up to her breast and began to knead it, his thumb rubbing her nipple. Her body was on fire again, her senses lit up like fireworks.

“Too far …” she whispered. She didn’t want to move.

“With what I’m planning on doing to you, Victoria…” He sucked the skin on her neck softly. “I’m going to need a very large bed.”



[PREVIEW] The Billionaire’s Price Chapter 29 “In the Study”

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I was so happy last Saturday when I woke up to see that my story The Billionaire’s Price had gotten a million views. It’s my first romance novel, and when I started it, I had no idea what I was doing. However, the response has been overwhelming, and I’m so grateful for everyone who decided it was worth their time to read it.

*throws confetti*

This chapter was super late. I wasn’t feeling well, so I had to postpone finishing it for a couple of days. Everyone was very supportive and concerned about my health, and for that I’m truly grateful. Luckily, I felt a lot better yesterday, so I was able to finish Chapter 29 “In the Study”. Here’s a preview.


[PREVIEW] The Billionaire’s Price Chapter 26 “Losing Control”

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I usually update my story The Billionaire’s Price once a week, but due to the cliffhanger-y nature of the last chapter, I’m posting the next one now, five days later. I’d really love to be able to post a new chapter every five days, it’s just that I have my day job to do. But like they say, you don’t find time for writing, you make time. So I’ll do my best!

Here’s a preview of Chapter 26 (“Losing Control”) …