The Billionaire's Price

“The Billionaire’s Price” is now up on Wattpad

I have a story up on Wattpad: The Billionaire’s Price. It’s not finished — 25 chapters so far — but it should be in a month or so. There’s a description below, and below that, an excerpt.

“You don’t have to like me, Ms. Slade. But if you deliver results, I might be able to tolerate your presence in my home.”

Fresh out of graduate school and unable to find a job as a writer, Victoria Slade is lucky to land a job as a study companion to an overachieving ten-year-old boy — a job she thinks is going to be a piece of cake. That is, if it were not for her boss, the stern, enigmatic billionaire Sebastian Chase. Victoria bristles under his low opinion of her and her working-class status, yet can’t help wondering just how cold and hard he really was under his impeccable tailored suits.

Sebastian isn’t prepared for the sudden presence of the fiery redheaded girl in his home, or in his thoughts. He offers her a way to both explore their attraction to each other and keep their professional distance. But it comes with a price, and he is not a man to be easily satisfied.


The word hung heavy in the air between them as soon as Sebastian spoke it.


He wasn’t sure why he’d brought it up. Perhaps it was the twinge of jealousy he felt when her face lit up as she smiled at the waiter Marco. Or the way her wine-red hair glinted in the dim light of the Al Porto Italia. The way her skin glowed made him ache to reach out across the table to caress her hand with his fingers.

Perhaps he wanted to unnerve her a little, the way he was bit by bit coming undone every second they were in the same room together.

The slight flush on Victoria’s cheeks gratified him only a little.

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