The Billionaire's Price No. 1 in Wattpad Romance

“The Billionaire’s Price” hits no. 1 in Wattpad Romance (a.k.a. The moment I nearly spit my water on my laptop.)

It was four a.m. when I loaded my story page on my browser and saw this

I shouldn’t have been taking a drink at that moment, because I almost spit water on my laptop when I saw that TBP had hit #1 in Romance.

TBP was no. 4 in Romance a little over a week ago, then it went up to no. 3. After that it was no. 2 for a couple of days and I thought, yeah, that’s probably as good as it gets. Apparently, it wasn’t!

The Billionaire's Price No. 1 in Wattpad Romance

So thank you to everyone for reading my little story. For patiently waiting for me to post every new chapter. For voting and commenting and sharing the story page link with your friends. Salamat!

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