[PREVIEW] The Billionaire’s Price Chapter 41 “Moving On”

Victoria wakes up at the hospital after the accident. She finds out what happened to Benson. But where is Sebastian?

Here’s the preview:

[green_box]”Sebastian? Did he…” Victoria looked down. “Did he say anything?”

“We didn’t see him,” Nicolette said. “Apparently, he got here before we did. He must have already checked on you.” She handed Victoria a box of tissues. “You’ve had a slight concussion, and you’ve been out for a few hours, but it’s nothing serious. The doctor will have another look at you now that you’re awake.”

“Right,” Victoria said, but her words rang hollow in her ears. It wouldn’t surprise her to know that Sebastian didn’t bother to check if she was all right. Deep down, she knew she couldn’t blame him if he didn’t want anything more to do with her.

Why would he want to see her, the woman who nearly got his son killed?

“It was the cops who went through the car who found your purse, so I got the call a couple of hours after the accident,” Nicolette said. “But they got Sebastian’s contact information from the glove compartment. They called him almost immediately. He was here. I’m sure he came to see you.”

“I must have been too passed out to hear him yelling at me,” she added, wiping her tears and forcing herself to smile. “Was anyone else hurt?”

“Nah. Some other car hit you sideways, but the impact was mostly at the back of the car you were driving. The other driver was just a little shaken up. Insurance will take care of the damage to his car. And why would Sebastian yell at you? It was clearly an accident. ” Nicolette took her hand in hers. “You weren’t drunk or anything, were you?”

“No!” Victoria was horrified. “I had a glass of champagne, that’s all. I would never have …” She shook her head. “The brake didn’t seem to be working. I tried slowing down so I could use the parking brake, but the car just seemed to go faster.”

“It wasn’t your fault.”

“Yeah, wasn’t it his crappy car in the first place?” Sandi said. “You should sue him.”

“Sandi, you just want to sue everybody,” Nicolette said. She turned to Victoria. “If he breaks up with you, then you can sue him.” [/green_box]

The Billionaire’s Price Chapter 41: Moving On

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