The Billionaire's Price

[PREVIEW] The Billionaire’s Price Chapter 39 “Trust”

It seems that Sebastian’s past keeps haunting his relationship with Victoria. Plus now she has his Dad to contend with. It makes for a very awkward party, if I do say so myself.

Here’s the preview:

Sebastian found Brooke standing in the hallway on his way back to the ballroom.

“Waiting for someone?” he teased.

“I need to tell you something,” she said. Her hands were clutched together, a mannerism which he knew meant she was nervous. “Could we talk in private?”

“Brooke, I have to make a speech in fifteen minutes,” he said. “What is it? Could we talk after?”

“It won’t take long, I promise.” She moved closer and looked up at him imploringly. “Please, Baz?”

“I suppose I could—”

“There’s a balcony down there,” she said, taking his hand and leading him down the corridor.

“If I’m late for my speech, you’ll have to do the explaining to my father.”

“Oh god.” She laughed. “Remember that time I had to explain to your mom that it wasn’t your fault your car crashed through the gate of the Harveys’ ranch?”

“I do. My parents would have taken my car away if it weren’t for you. No one believed me when I said I tried to avoid a cow that got loose.”

“Maybe because you’ve used that excuse before? Like, twice? Just a thought.”

“They believed you.” His eyes softened as he looked at her, remembering the sweet teenage girl who had harbored a crush on him for years before fate stepped in. He’d barely noticed her until the day their families went on a skiing trip together. At the end of that week, they were officially dating.

“They did. Your mom used to tell me stories of the crazy things you did growing up.” She squeezed his hand. “I miss her.”

“I do too,” he said as they stepped out to the balcony.

The Billionaire’s Price Chapter 39: Trust

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