"The Billionaire's Price" PREVIEW

[PREVIEW] The Billionaire’s Price Chapter 32 “Fear of Flying”

[green_box]Did that really happen? He was holding her hand … looking at her in the way that made her unable to breathe.

Calm down. He’s acting normal now. So should you.

As she stepped into the aisle, Victoria felt his hand fall on the small of her back. Gently, he guided her up the steps as they walked side by side toward the exit.

Her stomach fluttered again, her skin heating up to his touch. The urge to lean into his chest was overpowering. She gripped the strap of her purse and tried to steady her knees as she walked.

“Did you enjoy the program, Victoria?” His voice sounded almost like a caress.

“Yes, thank you. I never knew Benson was so talented.”

“He takes after his mother. She is quite a gifted musician, and an artist.”

“Does she … ever come to see Benson perform?”

“Circumstances don’t allow it.”

“Oh.” She had no idea what those circumstances were. While Benson did occasionally mention his mother, Victoria made it a point never to pry. She still had no idea why the boy had been adopted by his uncle, despite still having a living parent.

“Don’t worry, Victoria. Benson sees his mother quite often. He’s visiting her this weekend, in fact.”[/green_box]

The full chapter is now up on Wattpad. I would really appreciate it if you could vote for the chapter. Thank you!

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