"The Billionaire's Price" PREVIEW

[PREVIEW] The Billionaire’s Price Chapter 30 “Sleep Over”

[green_box]He kissed her mouth, and moved his lips down her throat. “Now that we’ve defiled my work desk,” he said, “maybe we should move upstairs.”

She rolled her head back, letting him take his pleasure with her. He flicked his tongue on her throat between kisses. He moved a hand up to her breast and began to knead it, his thumb rubbing her nipple. Her body was on fire again, her senses lit up like fireworks.

“Too far …” she whispered. She didn’t want to move.

“With what I’m planning on doing to you, Victoria…” He sucked the skin on her neck softly. “I’m going to need a very large bed.” Reluctantly, he pulled away from her to pull up his boxers and jeans. “Come.”

She let him take her by the hand across the room, wondering if she should even bother looking for her thong. He pressed a button beside a door.

“Where are we going?” she said.

The doors slid open. It was an elevator.

“My bedroom.” Sebastian went inside, turning to face her. He pulled his shirt off him and tossed it in the corner. “Are you coming?”

Victoria’s eyes dropped to stare at his naked torso.

In two seconds she was inside the lift with him. He grabbed her dress and pulled it over her head, and yanked her bra off her shoulders.

“Better,” he murmured, kissing her against the wall as the doors of the elevator closed.[/green_box]

There are two versions of this chapter:
[PG-13] Part 30: “Sleep Over”
[EXTRA STEAMY/R] Part 30: “Sleep Over” [The Hidden Room]

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