The Billionaire's Price

[PREVIEW] The Billionaire’s Price Chapter 26 “Losing Control”

I usually update my story The Billionaire’s Price once a week, but due to the cliffhanger-y nature of the last chapter, I’m posting the next one now, five days later. I’d really love to be able to post a new chapter every five days, it’s just that I have my day job to do. But like they say, you don’t find time for writing, you make time. So I’ll do my best!

Here’s a preview of Chapter 26 (“Losing Control”):

Mine,Sebastian thought as he kissed her body. My woman. My Victoria.

Tonight he would give her the most exquisite pleasure she could ever experience. He would possess her so thoroughly that the touch of any other man after him would leave her cold.

He licked her swollen tip one last time, before raising his head to kiss her hard on her lips. His tongue ravished the inside of her mouth roughly, as his hands caressed her back, pushing her harder against him. Her soft moans of pleasure only made him thrust his tongue deeper inside her.

Finally, he could no longer ignore the demand throbbing in his pants. His lips left her mouth and moved down the side of her neck, his tongue flicking her skin. “Hold on to me,” he whispered.

Victoria put her arms around his neck. Nuzzling the spot under her ear, Sebastian moved his hands under her backside and lifted her up. Almost immediately, she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist. Her mouth found his once again and she kissed him with wild abandon as he carried her to his bed.

If you’d like to read the whole thing, it’s up at Wattpad.

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