One-hour wait time for the L.A. Players Series by Ansela Corsino

One-hour wait time for my L.A. Players series!

Great news! My contemporary romance series L.A. Players is now more affordable to read on the Radish fiction app. The books are on the wait-to-unlock payment model, which means that after you read the first ten free chapters, the remaining locked chapters (which you can pay to read) will unlock (become free to read) one at a time. Previously, a new chapter unlocks after 12 hours. Now, a new chapter will unlock after only one hour. That means you’ll have less time to wait before a new chapter becomes free to read.

If you’re unfamiliar with how the wait-to-unlock model works, check out the video below where I demonstrate how to to use it. The app interface has changed a bit since I made this but it should still be useful.

My L.A. Players series is comprised of three novels — The Billionaire’s Price, The Billionaire’s Lie and The Billionaire’s Game. As the title can probably tell you, they’re contemporary billionaire romances. They’re rom-com-y, and kinda steamy. I wrote them by the seat of my pants, uploading each chapter as soon as I finished it. People seem to like them as they’ve gotten 5.1 million reads on Radish alone (I also serialized these books on Wattpad). If you think these books are your kind of thing, please do check them out on Radish.

The Radish fiction app is an app for reading serialized fiction. You can download the app for free on the iOS store and the Google Play store.

This series will remain on the one-hour wait time indefinitely, so please enjoy! If you have any questions, just drop them in the comments section here.

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