Control by Ansela Corsino

New serial fiction: Control

I have a new story up on Radish. It’s a modern remake of the classic Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice. Titled Control, it is a steamy billionaire romance that is definitely not safe for work.

I posted chapter 1 a month ago, and the response has been great so far — over 900 readers have subscribed. I’d been putting this off all this time because I didn’t think I could handle writing two serials simultaneously, but I’d been more productive with my writing these days so I thought that it was time we got this show on the road. Chapters 1 and 2 are now both available to read, with chapter 3 on its way next week. Here’s the blurb, and an excerpt. Enjoy!

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Control by Ansela Corsino

Asher Darcy has a reputation for being a devious businessman and a shameless rake. Prickly liberal feminist writer Lizzy Bennet hates him on sight. He’s manipulative. She’s a control freak. They have to work together. What could possibly go wrong?

UPDATE 13 September 2016
Control is now on Wattpad!

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“Ash, where the hell are you?”

“Nice to hear from you too, Charlie,” said Asher, leaning comfortably against his seat. “I’m out having a drink, if you must know.” His gaze strayed across the old Hollywood style restaurant to rest on a tall redhead in a clingy white dress and high heels. She was with two other young women sitting at the bar, talking excitedly. But every so often, she would glance over and meet his gaze. “I thought I’d celebrate my coming back to L.A. with some good scotch and …”

The redhead tossed her hair and licked her lower lip.

“… some red velvet.”

“You hate cake,” Charlie said. “And you especially detest red velvet.”

“I seem to find myself in the mood for it tonight. The kind with the white cream cheese frosting.” He gave the redhead a small smile. “In fact I can practically taste some of that frosting right now. Would you care to join me?”

He could picture his best friend rolling her eyes. “No thank you,” Charlie said. “I have an early breakfast meeting tomorrow. How did the meeting go yesterday?”

“Perfectly. You’re speaking to the new majority owner of Ritter Media Holdings.”

“You got your 90%?” She laughed. “But of course you did. Old man Ritter really has lost his touch.”

“Oh I don’t know about that. Emily Ritter handled the negotiations. Quite a shrewd businesswoman, I must say. Her reputation is quite well deserved.”

Charlie sighed. “You slept with her, didn’t you?”

“I can say with all honesty, my dear Charlie, that neither of us got any sleep.”[/red_box]

*Currently, Radish is only available for iOS devices, but the Android version will be launching in a couple of months.

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