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My next story will be up on Radish!

As you may know, I’m now publishing fiction outside of Wattpad. For example, I have a couple of stories up on Telepathic’s Hooked app (“The Breakup”, “Best Friends”). Next year, a new fiction platform called Radish will be launching along with my next serialized romance novel.

What is Radish? It’s an app for reading fiction stories. Some of the stories are free to read but paid users get to read chapters ahead of everyone else. This is an awesome thing, not just for authors (who will be rewarded for all their hard work) but for readers as well. Why? Because when authors get paid for their work, they tend to write more and more frequently. Everyone wins.

Those who sign up to get updates from Radish will get treats, and a chance to win credits (“coins) which can be used to purchase access to advance chapters. So go ahead and sign up on the website.

I’ll be posting info on the new story here very soon, along with a cover reveal. Excited? Then scroll down to the bottom of this page and enter your email address so you get a notification as soon as that post is up.


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