Kissing the Enemy - Enemies to lovers

Kissing the Enemy

Thanks to Chi for putting this in my Twitter feed.

This tweet was funny but it also surprised me. I had no idea some people disliked the enemies-to-lovers trope.

I mean, I love that trope. Hell, I’ve written that trope. One of the most popular classic romance novels ever uses that trope — although it was probably not a trope yet back then. Wait, did Jane Austen create the enemies-to-lovers trope? How interesting. I must find out.


After thinking about it for a bit, I could admit that yeah there are enemies-to-lovers stories that are rather toxic. Bully romances come to mind. But as much as I love enemies-to-lovers, bully romance has never held any appeal for me. Enemies-to-lovers is only fun if the enmity is … petty. Ridiculous, even.

This is why I feel that people who think this trope can only be toxic are not familiar with how petty we can be when it comes to picking our “enemies”. By enemy, I don’t mean criminals or abusers — they are people who should just be in prison. No, it’s the guy who took the last pint of your favorite butterscotch ice-cream at the grocery store. It’s the girl in 3rd grade who told your crush you had head lice and you still hate her even though she’s a perfectly nice doctor now who volunteers for MSF.

These people are the enemy. Because I am a petty petty bitch.

Are they sometimes hot? Sure. Does their hotness make them more annoying? Also, yes. Do we make good decisions when it comes to hot people in general? Nah.

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