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Let’s face it, we Philippines-based creators have always had difficulty selling our products online because so many of our potential customers simply don’t have or don’t want to use credit cards. I’ve gotten a few emails from my readers telling me they couldn’t buy my ebooks, a thing that confused me a lot of the time because I thought it meant Amazon or Gumroad or whatever platform they’re trying to buy from wasn’t accepting their credit cards. It turns out, they meant they literally couldn’t buy my books. They didn’t have credit cards.

As of 2021, a little over 8 percent of the population of the Philippines (fifteen years old or older) own a credit card. Yet, online commerce keeps growing, with stores like Lazada and Shopee accepting more accessible payment methods such as cash on delivery.

However, since a new local digital selling platform Snack hit the scene, we can assume this credit card roadblock will soon be a thing of the past. Snack offers payment methods that other platforms like Amazon and Gumroad don’t, such as GrabPay, GCash, and PayMaya. Snack also allows customers to pay through credit cards and Paypal, which means that if you’re a creator selling on Snack, folks abroad can buy your products too.

Full disclosure: I’m a Founding Creator on Snack. What this means is, I get to send the company regular feedback on how the site is working for me and my readers, and suggest features they might want to add to the platform to make the experience better for creators and the folks who are buying their products.

Snack makes it so much easier for my readers to purchase my books, and with the added convenience of accepting local payment methods, it’s been a game-changer for my business. But Snack isn’t just convenient for me and my readers – it’s also incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. Setting up my store and uploading my books was easy, and twice a month, Snack sends me my payout to my Gcash account.

If you’re a creator whose audience includes the Philippines, I highly recommend giving Snack a try. I sell ebooks, but we can sell just about any digital product on Snack— games, courses, art, etc. You can sign up and start selling your digital products on the same day. Give your Filipino audience a way to support you and enjoy your creations that’s convenient for everyone.

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