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New updates: Unmasking Mr. Darcy

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In case you missed it, chapters 19 and 20 of Unmasking Mr. Darcy (Control #1) are now available on the Radish fiction app. If you’re not up to date with this serial, chapters 1 to 18 are available for free. You can read all 20 chapters now on the app. Download it from iOS store or the Google Play Store. Here’s an excerpt of chapter 19 “No Promises”.


Chapter 19: “No Promises” (Unmasking Mr. Darcy)

Genevieve was now on her feet, holding her dress up over her front. As though there was any part of her he hadn’t already seen. A surge of possessiveness filled Asher’s chest, only for the air to rush out at her next words.

“I have to go,” she said.

It was a new feeling. It was as though the floor went out from under him. He stood there with a bowl of strawberries in his hand and a bottle of champagne in the other, at a loss for what to do next. So he did what he knew best assumed a nonchalant expression. “Oh?” he managed to say when he finally found his voice.

“I have… uh.”

What happened to the cool, sophisticated French woman that was just there a minute ago? She looked unsure for some reason.

Almost like she was worried about something.

Then realization dawned. Of course. There was only one reason why she would panic all of a sudden when they were having such an amazing time.

“I think I know what’s worrying you,” he said. He flashed her his most reassuring smile.

“You do,” she said, her eyebrows rising slightly.

He nodded. “I do. And I understand.” He moved slowly closer until he stood barely a hair’s breadth away. Holding up the champagne, he added, “Here.”

Wordlessly, she took the drink from him.

“Sit, please,” he said.

After a moment’s hesitation, she perched on the edge of the bed.

Sitting beside her, he plucked a strawberry from the bowl. “You found out about me.”


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Book trailer – The Billionaire’s Game

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The Billionaire's Game - trailer - sizzle reel

I’ve been loving Canva so much lately. I mean, I use Photoshop extensively, but there are just some things that are quicker to do on Canva. And I’m not just talking about designing images, but creating video too.

For reasons (don’t ask), I thought I’d see if I could make a sizzle reel for one of my books entirely on Canva. Reader, I did it.

Everything in the video except of the book cover photo was entirely sourced from Canva’s media library. Isn’t it amazing?

I have a paid Pro account, so some of the elements might not be available to free accounts. It would be interesting to know if one could make a decent book trailer using a free account. If you have, please share it!

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Rich People Problems – Livestream on June 5, Saturday!

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#RomanceClass Podcast 4x7 - Rich People Problems - June 5, 3pm Manila Time

This weekend, I’m guesting on the #RomanceClass Podcast livestream to talk about writing about obscenely rich characters in my books. I’ll be joining host Mina and panelists CarlaSuzette, and Bianca in the livestream that will be going out on YouTubeTwitter and Facebook at 3pm (Manila Time/GMT+8) on Saturday, June 5, 2021. 

Because it’s a livestream, you’ll be able to participate in the live chat! You can ask questions and talk with other readers.

See you on Saturday!

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Ines and Mason will be in your gift boxes

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The Billionaire's Game in the Radish Gift Box

I have a treat for all you Radish readers! From 12pm on May 17 EST (12am May 18 Manila time) to 11:59AM on May 20 EST (11:59 pm May 21 Manila Time), my story The Billionaire’s Game will be featured in the Radish Gift Box, with three story coupons you can claim for free and use on any chapter.

If you have Radish installed on your mobile device, just go straight to your gift box. If you don’t, you can download the app from the iOS store and the Google Play store. Then head on over to read The Billionaire’s Game by searching for it by name or by looking up “Ansela Corsino” on the app. Or just click here.


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Use a prompt, get a chance to win $150

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Guard that body : Write from a prompt, get a chance to win $150

If you’re an author who publishes interactive fiction on the Dorian app or if you’re a fiction author who want to try your hand at interactive fiction, you might be interested in joining a new writing contest whose winner gets a $150 gift card (for an online store of your choice!). All you need to do is write an interactive story from a prompt I created: The Billionaire’s Bodyguard.

The Billionaire's Bodyguard
You're a bodyguard and your new assignment is as the special bodyguard to billionaire Carlos Yu who's in town for business. Sure he's got his own security, but things are a little too dangerous that your boss has decided he needs someone who can stick to him more intimately, day and night. And that's why you're working undercover as his girlfriend. Never mind that Carlos is the hottest man you've ever met or that he looks at you like he wants the both of you to do more than just pretend to be lovers. After all, you're a professional. Right?

To help you along, here are some ideas on how the story might go:

  1. Trope: Second chance romance— It turns out you and Carlos had a one-night stand three years ago and never saw each other since. He pretends he’s forgotten about it. But has he really?
  2. Trope: Enemies to lovers — You hate your assignment, you think it’s beneath your talents. He thinks you’ll be too distracted by his good looks to do your job. Who’s going to be proven wrong?
  3. Trope: Danger banging — The assignment is much more perilous than anyone thought. Soon you and Carlos are running for your lives. And also turning to each other for comfort.

Deadline is 11:59 pm PST on May 19th (3pm May 20 Manila Time) . The winner gets a $150 gift card!


  • Just one episode long.
  • Should contain at least 3 choices.


Q. Can I change the look of the characters?
A. Totally

Q. Can I change the characters’ names?
A. Yes.

Q.Can I change the name of the story?
A. Absolutely!

Q. Can I change the content of the story starter itself?
A. You can, as long as the general premise stays the same.

Q. Does the story have to be a complete story?
A. Yes, but you can edit it to make it longer once the contest ends.

Q. Does the story have to have multiple endings?
A. Not necessarily, but you’ll get bonus points if it does!

Q. Should I write alone or collaborate?
A. You can do either!

If you’ve not gotten started on Dorian yet, you can download the free app from the iOS store or the Google Play Store. Once you have it, look for The Billionaire’s Bodyguard prompt. Play through it once, and at the end of the prompt, you’ll see a link to sign up to write on the Dorian App. Unlike other interactive fiction platforms, you don’t need to know how to code to write your story. It’s all drag and drop — you can learn to do it in a day.

But wait, there’s more! If you submit your qualifying story by Monday, May 17 at 9am PST (Tuesday, May 18, 12 midnight Manila Time), you automatically win 3 hearts (payment tokens on Dorian) to spend on any story you want.

Got any questions? Drop them in the comments section. Good luck!

Sexy Billionaire Alert!
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Win hearts by playing The Billionaire’s Price on Dorian

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Win hearts - The Billionaire's Price on Dorian

 You’ve read my book The Billionaire’s Price— but did you know there’s an interactive version of the story you can play on the Dorian app? Yes, now you can be the heroine of a romance story, making choices that determine whether or not you and Sebastian Chase get your happy ever after.

To unlock premium choices and romantic/steamy scenes, you’ll need hearts! That’s why we’re doing a fun giveaway until May 11. All you need to do is play the story, answer the three easy questions about the story at the end of Episode 8 “Jealousy” and post a screencap on Instagram (or comment on the Dorian app if you don’t have Instagram). You’ll not only win three hearts, but you’ll also be treated to a romantic, steamy scene between you and Sebastian.

How to enter:⁠
🏆 Ace the quiz at the end of ep 8 🏆⁠

📸 Screenshot your character & post it on instagram tagging @ansela.corsino and OR comment on the choice in the story. 📸⁠

🌟EVERYONE who enters will win 3 Hearts! 🌟⁠

⏰ Promo runs through May 11 at 6 pm PT (May 12 at 9am Manila Time)! ⏰⁠

Download the Dorian app on Google Play or the Apple iOS store.

Good luck!

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One-hour wait time for my L.A. Players series!

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One-hour wait time for the L.A. Players Series by Ansela Corsino

Great news! My contemporary romance series L.A. Players is now more affordable to read on the Radish fiction app. The books are on the wait-to-unlock payment model, which means that after you read the first ten free chapters, the remaining locked chapters (which you can pay to read) will unlock (become free to read) one at a time. Previously, a new chapter unlocks after 12 hours. Now, a new chapter will unlock after only one hour. That means you’ll have less time to wait before a new chapter becomes free to read.

If you’re unfamiliar with how the wait-to-unlock model works, check out the video below where I demonstrate how to to use it. The app interface has changed a bit since I made this but it should still be useful.

My L.A. Players series is comprised of three novels — The Billionaire’s Price, The Billionaire’s Lie and The Billionaire’s Game. As the title can probably tell you, they’re contemporary billionaire romances. They’re rom-com-y, and kinda steamy. I wrote them by the seat of my pants, uploading each chapter as soon as I finished it. People seem to like them as they’ve gotten 5.1 million reads on Radish alone (I also serialized these books on Wattpad). If you think these books are your kind of thing, please do check them out on Radish.

The Radish fiction app is an app for reading serialized fiction. You can download the app for free on the iOS store and the Google Play store.

This series will remain on the one-hour wait time indefinitely, so please enjoy! If you have any questions, just drop them in the comments section here.

Radish fiction app
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The L.A. Players Series in your Gift Box

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L.A. Players Series in your Radish Fiction Gift Box

My steamy billionaire romance series L.A. Players will be featured in the Radish fiction app Gift Box starting 12pm EST today, February 15 until February 18. That means if you check your gift box on the Radish app, you can claim free coupons to read episodes of the books in the series for free.

You may download the Radish fiction app from the Google Play store and the iOS store.

Here’s a helpful video to guide you. The layout of the app has changed a bit since I made this a year ago, but I think you’ll get the general idea!

Fiction News The Billionaire's Price

Join the Easter Egg Hunt Giveaway!

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The Billionaire's Price - Easter Egg Hunt - Dorian

So I have a couple of stories up on the interactive fiction app Dorian. To celebrate, Dorian is hosting a giveaway to award a $50 gift certificate to one lucky reader of my interactive story The Billionaire’s Price on Dorian.

Some of you might be familiar with The Billionaire’s Price as a novel. The story that’s up on Dorian right now is the interactive version, where you get to play the main character (MC) and make choices that determine what happens in the story. I’ve always wanted to try my hand out with interactive fiction so I’m excited to be able to finally do so on Dorian.

To get a better idea of what playing my interactive story is like, check out the video I took of a scene in the story.

If paranormal romance is a thing you like, you can also check out my two other stories on the app — The Ghost In My Bed and My Boyfriend’s Ex Is A Vampire.

All these interactive stories are on the Dorian app. You can download it for free on the iOS store and the Google Play Store . It launched just last week on January 15, and as a treat, all stories — including choices and bonus scenes — are free! They will be free until the end of this month (January 2021). So now’s your chance to binge on all the interactive stories you can cram in your reading time.

But wait there’s more!

Dorian also allows for live playing with your friends. Just be sure everyone has the app installed and you’re all friends on the app.

So how do you join the Easter Egg Hunt giveaway? All you need to do is read the story, make your choices, and in one of the plotlines (I won’t say which!), you will come across the “Easter Egg” which is a funny, out-of-place scene in the story. You’ll know it’s the Easter Egg because Sebastian will tell you and give you instructions on which scene to take a screenshot of to show us you’ve found it. Once you have the screenshot, all you need to do is post it on Instagram (be sure it’s a public account!) and caption it with your reaction to that choice you just made in the story. You also have to tag both me (@ansela.corsino) and Dorian ( in your post. Be sure to also be following these our instagram accounts! The winner will be randomly chosen by an algorithm and will will a $50 gift certificate to a store of your choice. The Easter Egg Hunt starts 9am PST on Friday, January 22, 2021 and ends two days later on 11.59pm PST (Sunday, January 24).

Don’t forget to download the Dorian app from the iOS store or the Google Play Store depending on which mobile device you’re using.

Good luck!

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Writing Serialized Fiction for Fun and Profit — LIVE talk – November 21

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Writing Serialized Fiction for Fun and Profit - November 21, 2020

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance you know me from my books that are on serial fiction platforms such as Wattpad and Radish. If you are, there’s also a chance you may have considered publishing on a platform like Wattpad, if you’re not already doing just that.

You are? Great. I’m here to help!

I’ll be doing a live talk online about what it’s like to publish stories on Wattpad and other serial fiction platforms. I’ll discuss how Wattpad can start your writing career like it did mine, and how it can boost your writing career if you’re already a published author. Plus, I’ll tell you how and why publishing on apps like Radish can let you make money from your fiction. This is all happening on the #RomanceClass Twitch channel.

Because it’s an online talk, you can participate no matter where in the world you’re at and you can ask questions. The talk won’t include topics of writing craft, however, I will explain how online serialized fiction works and how to make your fiction work for the online serial model.

Q. How much will it cost me?

A. Zero. Nothing. Nada. The talk is free. Asking questions is free. The whole thing is free for you to participate if you can make it to the livestream, which will be on November 21, 2020 at 7pm Manila Time (GMT+8). However, if you miss the live or just want to see the whole session a couple more times, you can pay for a subscription to the #RomanceClass Twitch channel. Subscribers will have access to the video of this talk plus a lot of other author and/or book-related videos created by the #RomanceClass community.

Writing Serialized Fiction for Fun & Profit with author Ansela Corsino

Q. Hu dis?

A. You want to know why you should listen to me. Great! The journey of a career author is littered with bad advice from people with more confidence than qualifications. I’ve been there.

For starters, I’ve been publishing stories on Wattpad since 2015. My stories have racked up tens of millions of views on the platform, and my first serialized novel The Billionaire’s Price has hit the #1 spot on the Wattpad romance hotlist a few times. Currently, I have over 235,000 followers. I was one of the first published authors on Radish, and my novel The Billionaire’s Lie was the first story to hit one million views on the app. I’ve earned tens of thousands of dollars from my book sales on the app.

Q. What will I learn from this talk?

A. If you’re a published author, you’ll learn how publishing your books on serial fiction platforms can help you widen your audience and give you a space to experiment with your writing. Plus money! You’ll learn how you can make money on serial fiction apps. If you’re an aspiring author, I’ll teach you what you can do to find your audience on Wattpad and how you can leverage that platform to sell books.

Q. What if I can’t make it on the scheduled time?

A. You really should! But if you can’t make it 7pm on Saturday, November 21, you can get a paid subscription to the #RomanceClass Twitch channel. Subscribers have access to all their premium video content, including online events, live readings, and author training videos such as mine.

Q. What if I want to learn more about publishing serial fiction?

A. I’m running a newsletter program called The Serial Author Toolkit. You’ll get a couple of emails a month from me containing advice, tips, and news on publishing serial fiction. Plus, if you’re part of the program and you attend the talk on November 21, I’ll send you a PDF copy of the deck I’ll present in the video. All you need to do is wait for the password I’ll announce during the talk and have it ready when I email you.

Oh look, a sign-up form!

Everyone in The Serial Author Toolkit program will get an email reminder a couple of hours before the Writing Serialized Fiction for Fun and Profit live talk. If you’re following #RomanceClass on Twitch, you’ll also be notified when we go live.

See you on Twitch!