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AfA – 01 – With KC Cimafranca at the ABC (part 1 of 2)

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Ansela Corsino Podcasts
Ansela Corsino Podcasts
AfA - 01 - With KC Cimafranca at the ABC (part 1 of 2)

I met up with KC Cimafranca — author of paranormal and fantasy fiction — at the Abaca Baking Company in Cebu. We discuss how to write amidst chaos and exactly how much milk tea one needs to do a full night’s work.

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About KC

KC Cimafranca

KC Cimafranca purposefully flunked a university entrance examination so she would have an excuse to take up mass communications instead of accountancy. A decade or so after graduation and she still finds herself filling up time writing dialogues and creating scenes in her mind. She also discovered it’s a good way to tune out her three children’s constant screams for their mother.

A virtual assistant by day, she reads romance, serial killer, or YA fantasy novels or watches kdramas at night.

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