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#006 – Pressure to Rep with Chi Yu Rodriguez

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Adulting for Authors - Season 1
Adulting for Authors - Season 1
#006 - Pressure to Rep with Chi Yu Rodriguez

I chatted with Chi Yu Rodriguez at Starbucks on Matalino about how she finished a book in full-day writing sessions, and why being an #OwnVoices author writing bisexual characters in romance has its own unique kind of difficulty.

You also get a special treat: at the end of the episode, I’ve added the live reading of an excerpt of “Five Inches Below the Knee”, a short story from her story collection Love and Other Questionable Life Choices. The live reading is performed by Rachel Coates and Sam Aquino.

Chi Yu Rodriguez

Chi Yu Rodriguez has many feelings. Sometimes these feelings find their way to paper in the form of short stories and fiction online. Sometimes they don’t come out at all and end up as unresolved sexual tension or terrible internal angst.

She prefers making imaginary people go through these feelings for her pleasure. Her muses hate her for it, and they repay her by being forever fickle.

She wrestles with them in her head everyday.

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